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Textual Culture refers to the material processes and ideological formations surrounding the production, transmission, reception, and regulation of texts. It studies the interactions between these processes and formations in order to show how texts get made and how they are understood. It works within and across intellectual history, literary criticism, critical theory, linguistics and critical discourse analysis, history of the book, and publishing-as-process. It does not have an allegiance to a single disciplinary area, and it contests the boundaries and traditions of existing disciplinary categories. This is a highly significant development within the discipline of English Studies, as the remarkable list of plenary speakers attending the 2005 conference demonstrates. They are Roger Chartier (Paris/Cornell), John Frow (Melbourne), Peter D. McDonald (Oxford), Clifford Siskin (Columbia), Lawrence Rainey (York), Kim Schrøder (Roskilde), Rita Copeland (Pennsylvania), Alastair Minnis (Yale), Leah Price (Harvard), and Bill Warner (Santa Barbara). The University of Stirling is the UK base for this innovative new area of international research. The Textual Culture research group is active in the Department of English Studies at Stirling. We hosted the first international Textual Culture conference in Stirling in 2005, and held a one-day symposium at the university in February, 2007. Please follow the links to the left for details of these events.